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Swimming Pool Emergency Phones

Turnkey Solution - We Make it Easy to do Business
Pool Safety Specialists provides / installs its Swimming Pool Emergency Telephone Turnkey Solution package to property managers, owners, and government agencies. One fee covers all the necessary equipment, installation, monitoring and maintenance services for your pool emergency phones, while you save up to 50% every month over other code-compliant pool telephone systems. Even better there is one point of responsibility.


Monthly Expense


Other Companies

Dedicated Phone Line
Not Required

$40 - $70

24-Hour Monitoring

$15 - $60


90+ per hour service
$25 - $35

$40 - $130 Plus Service

Emergency Phones for Pools are the Law
Many states require emergency phones at all publicly accessible pools. Additionally, these systems must be answered 24-hours a day at a location capable of dispatching help.
ADA Compliant
Specially challenged individuals can easily use our pool emergency phones. Compliance with all ADA, ASME, ANSI, and IBC accessibility codes is assured. The reality is that proper installation is required to produce a truly code-compliant system. Practices such as multiple emergency phones sharing a single line without line seizure capability, or programming to call a number that is not answered 24-hours a day are common examples of non-compliant emergency telephone systems.

Patented Technology – Eliminate Cost of Dedicated Phone Lines
Special features, such as our patented phone dialer (patent #5,386,463) with line seizure, save you the cost of dedicated phone lines. With this breakthrough technology our dialer seizes an existing phone line to call our 24-hour Emergency Call Center. Our reasonably priced cellular emergency telephone models are perfect for sites without easy or affordable access to landline phone service.

Emergency Call Center – Professional Monitoring
When a phone is activated, the user’s location is instantly displayed on the computer screen of one of our CPR trained operators who are skilled at handling emergency situations. These calls are digitally recorded, and records of all actions are automatically stored for retrieval if ever needed.

Our emergency call center utilizes back-up natural gas generators and complete off-site redundancy to ensure calls are properly received, recorded, and dispatched without interruption.

False Alarms –  Eliminate Them
When a nuisance call is made from an ordinary emergency phone, 911 operators automatically dispatch Fire/Rescue. If the response is unnecessary, you could incur costly fines. Our monitoring service solves this problem by only dispatching Fire/Rescue in actual or suspected emergencies.

Another benefit is the elimination of the traffic, litter, graffiti, and vandalism associated with pay phones. Our phones dial directly to our emergency call center, discouraging misuse.

Risk Management
At your request, your property can be named as an Additional Insured under our combined $15 million liability and Errors & Omissions policies. For more information about risk management please call us at 910 338-1848

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